Thursday, March 19, 2009

Schindler's List

i love this shot because it's the iconic Oskar Schindler(played by Liam Neeson) shot, the first time we see his face.

this shot has brilliant staging. Schindler is the one in control so he's higher up looking down on Stern. The audience is at Sterns eye level so we know how he feels. Schindler is also staged right in the path of the light from the window to make him feel that much more, "angelic" is the best word i can think of.

this shot with the girl in Red is probably the most significant point Spielberg was trying to make in the movie...the only time we see color throughout the entire film. fill in your own interpretation. i'll keep mine for myself.

you can prob guess whats behind them...

Out of respect for what the movie represents, Spielberg didn't use any film making "toys" to shoot this movie, no special zoom lens, no steady cams, no cranes. this forced him to light his scenes compositionally in the best possible way to stage some of the most beautiful shots ever on film. this is probably my favorite shot of the entire movie.

the last shot in the movie with Liam Neeson standing at the actual grave of Oskar Schindler.

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