Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Animaton test

a group of us at work have spent the last week doing an animation test for Sony and below is the one i did. my good buddy Dustin Kimmich used the same sound file but i'm pretty happy with how different our tests came out so hope you like it! i know there are a few bugs as far as lighting goes but for now, it'll do. go check out Dustin's test too cuz it is awesome! his link is under my friends list.


stephenfmunoz said...

Hey dude, I like it! I think maybe the end needs a little more punch. not sure what you could do,, but over all good stuff!

Pradeep Singh Bal said...

Very Nice acting choice and nice timing gestures vs audio. I feel the person behind is not very noticable may be some different staging could work . Awesome dialogue delivery .