Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Empire of the Sun

i just saw this brilliant movie for the first time the other night and just thought i'd share some of my favorite shots. Yes, it is another Spielberg movie but what can i say...the guy is a master!

Look at how intense an actor Christian Bale was even at such a young age. Those who know me, know that i hate kid actors because usually, the performance doesn't convince me. The kids aren't trained and i don't get invested in the character because i don't believe the actor as the character. But i can't say the same for Christian Bale. He acts within the eyes and it says so much without any words...just look at this screen cap below.
This shot below is more less the last shot of the movie and again, acting within the eyes! Those who have seen the movie and those who i hope will see the movie, will know what i mean when i say that these are the closing eyes of an old man. These are the eyes of a once naive child that has now seen and been through what one person would go through in a lifetime.

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nhudiep said...

wow khoa...
this is so cool that youre posting these movie shots. its such a treat to get to see movies paused for their beautiful compositions. cant wait to see what other movies you do. keep up the great artwork. :)