Monday, April 30, 2007

The FINAL teaser trailer is done!!

Here is the final full length teaser trailer of my short film. I did all of the scenes with the gopher as well as 1 scene of the gardener snapping out of his shocked state. My Co-director, Dave Thornfield, did the rest of the scenes with the gardener. Hope you all like it!!


stephenfmunoz said...

hey man this is looking really good. in the scene where the gopher is licking his hands, first lick looks good,but the two other licks look a little poppy. just smooth it out a bit more. then when he turns around I think you would do better to cut before he turns. you already have that happening,but I would cut just a little more off. the transition from one scene to the next is a little weird feeling. you could probably also make the cameras feel a little less camera like, add a few slow ins or make the current ones you have slower or more subtle. the gardener scene where he comes out of shock I think needs work. its going in the right direction,but just needs a bit more fine tuning. over all man this stuff is very impressive. better than what I graduated with. bravo!

nhudiep said...

well...all i have to say is....YAAAAYYY for KHOA!!! and dont forget to eat your mints!

Darensbourg said...


Me like.

Amazing subtle acting details! Really, really amazing. You're bringing that Gopher to life!

Khoa= Awesome Animation.

Khoa= kick ass.